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From darkness to light

With a relatively quiet year between the Olympics and World Cup, BBC Sport wanted to harmonise its brand. The previous guidelines weren’t made for multi-channel world they now inhabit, and the team wanted to build coherence, cut-through and credit across all platforms.

As the brand lead in a closely-aligned team, we worked in intensive sprints alongside BBC Creative, BBC Sport marketing, broadcast and UX&D. We delivered a set of interim guidelines, consulted on their implementation and created an online brand hub.

BBC Sport was the first brand to introduce a new corporate font, BBC Reith. With this at its heart, the system presents a cohesive brand for the first time across TV, online, social and marketing.

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Cohesion across platforms
The BBC Sport audience is vast, with 30 million on social platforms alone. It’s also hugely varied, from content-hungry youngsters using the app to seniors watching big events on small TVs, so coherent cross-platform presentation was essential.

A systematic approach 
BBC Sport delivers masses of data, so we unified a table system which falls between flat ‘interactive’ products and a richer ‘sit back’ TV approach. Subtle depth and physicality aids legibility and knits together data and content, while colour plays an active role in indicating pre-, live- and post-event scores.

Introducing BBC Reith
As the first brand to use a new corporate font, BBC Reith, all eyes were on this brand refresh. We established a robust system using Reith Sans consistently across all platforms, creating a sense of wayfinding similar to transport design.

A sporting partner
The new logo system is designed to lock up neatly with network and event brands, demonstrating its partnership and support for the nation’s major sporting moments.

Flexing for events
The refresh was phased into certain events from August 2017, culminating in the full package used for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. For major events like this, the system flexes to accommodate the host event’s branding and colour system.

All in one place
We designed and built an online brand guidelines hub. This fully updatable one-stop shop introduces the brand proposition and contains guidance for using the new brand, alongside a full suite of downloadable static and animated assets.