• User experience & design
  • Digital strategy

Over a six month period we helped the Boots customer experience team redefine the visual language on their e-commerce website. By designing core transactional pages around this new visual language, we created a user-centric site experience which enlivens the Boots brand.

See the work online:

Getting started 
Our first task was to discover and document the competitive landscape operates within. This armed the team with insight into the best e-commerce sites, demonstrating how a changed device landscape would impact the visual design.

The guiding principle for our work on was ‘Beautiful Basics’. By getting the basics right, in a beautiful way, we aimed to create a customer experience that makes the Boots brand really shine. We worked collaboratively with the Boots design and customer experience teams, letting us work quickly and deliver fully formed screen designs in a short timeframe.

Finding the look
The process took us through wireframes and screen design to develop a grid, structure and look & feel for the refreshed site. We put customers first, prioritising communication and screen space through the eyes of a busy online shopper. Visually, we built upon the primary Boots brand kit to create a more refined, focused digital language. Type, colour and space were all carefully considered when producing a refreshed look.

Digital partnership
Our role didn’t stop at a design delivery, and we partner with the Boots team in advising on implementation and front-end CSS approaches. We’re also helping to apply the visual language to different digital outputs, from the smartphone app to in-store interactive point of sale.