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Under the hood with the tinkerers

eBay’s vehicle car parts and accessories offering is one of the biggest in the world. It supports the millions of car owners who buy and fit car parts at home, and in an ever more price-savvy world, it’s a market that’s growing fast.

We’ve developed campaigns, optimised web experiences and conversion-focused content which has seen them supercharge their business over the past year.

Strategic approach
Our work is built around on-site user experience optimisation, content planning and merchandising, all delivered in a highly-engaging branded platform.

Underpinning individual activations are longer-term content planning and partnerships, brand design and the strategic direction of the approach.

The aim of the work has been to improve customer experience, increase conversions and drive revenue growth. From the customer’s point of view, we aim to inspire, guide and help.

Understanding the nuances and motivations of customers has been key in developing our strategic and creative approach. Using research and insight gathered on customers in our discovery phase, we developed a needs-based content strategy to guide, support and build trust with customers.

Make it work
Careful consideration has been taken to create a user experience that drives conversions, while building trust and giving customer support throughout the entire user joinery. Every touchpoint, from homepage to product click-throughs, has been optimised to improve both the experience and performance.

Moments, passions and parts
The campaign approach is built around key motoring moments and individual customer passion points. Preparing for winter, family road trips, getting ready for an MOT and restoring a classic vehicle all provide campaign themes that resonate strongly with eBay’s audience, enabling us to build engagement and attract customers.

“We’re seeing major improvements in user journeys and engagement, meaning we’re able to support our customers better than ever in finding, buying and fitting new products.”

Matt Wilkin
Category Manager, eBay Vehicle Parts & Accessories

We’ve developed multi-format content in partnership with automotive icon Haynes and car culture super-heroes Car Throttle. From maintenance tips to buying guides, the content supports customers throughout the year. Car challenge videos, engaging editorial and social content put automotive inspiration at the heart of the campaigns.

“Studio Output are a real partner for our team and every challenge is met with insightful ideas and imaginative, creative thinking.”

Matt Wilkin
Category Manager, eBay Vehicle Parts & Accessories

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