Engage Works

  • Brand identity
  • Brand strategy
  • User experience & design
  • Web build

Engage is an interactive technology group on an upward curve. We’ve been helping to define their vision, re-organise the brand structure and design a set of brands to help them grow.

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Restructuring the brand
Engage Production’s global ambition had seen them outgrow their existing brand structure. To take them to the next level (and beyond) we were asked to solve both a strategic and design challenge: could we unite two disparate brands – ‘Engage Production’ and ‘Flux Innovation Lounge’ – under a common vision, while adding a new consultancy brand – ‘Meld’ – to the stable?

Through a series of workshops, we uncovered and expanded upon the shared values, characteristics and purpose for the various teams. We developed these into customer-facing propositions that reflected a client’s journey with the group, as you ‘Open your mind’ (Flux), ‘Explore the possible’ (Meld) and finally ‘Grow your potential’ (Engage).

A new system
We also organised the various teams under a new umbrella brand – ‘Engage Works’ – with each now defined by its geographical location, to aid understanding and allow for expansion into new territories. In this structure, Engage Production becomes Engage LDN, and so on.

The new brand identity reflects ideas being formed and potential fulfilled. Created on a grid, the bespoke typography has a sense of movement and fluidity. This system will allow future additions to be created with a distinct ‘family resemblance’. Each brand is brought to life with a vibrant brand colour and intriguing, user-focused photography.

A website family
We designed a family of modular websites linked with a master navigation to the umbrella brand Engage Works. They use the same transformative square patterns, built responsively and evolving as the user scrolls down the screen.

Each site features its own visual identity, colour palette and imagery reflecting the brand qualities. Modular layouts extend the brand logotypes, with cells forming and joining together.

The hero images show off human interaction and an emotional connection with technology. Case studies showcase holistic experiences, from new technology to larger brand immersion experiences.


“The brand strategy work that Studio Output produced for Engage Works has enabled us to refocus and realign not only our marketing strategy, but our whole business approach.

Engage developed from a company that was growing at a speed that the existing small business structure could not support, to an agile business which now has a futureproof strategy for us to expand with an established and well thought-out plan.

The revised structure, devised by Studio Output, had to support the potential for our business to internationalise organically. Since the brand strategy work, we have successfully opened our second location in the Middle East, which was fully supported by the strategy, brand assets and personal touch from the team at Studio Output.”
Steve Blyth
Founder & Group CEO, Engage Works