PlayStation Store

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Sony PlayStation’s VideoStore is an online service that allows users to download and stream movies. Taking filmmaking and its technology as our starting point, and with an open-ended brief, we pushed the brand outside traditional channels with a highly innovative set of films.

The big challenge
We were asked to devise an innovative concept to promote the VideoStore service, gain credibility for it and highlight its superior experience. The biggest challenge, however, was how to refer to the film releases featured at launch. We weren’t able to use footage – or even mention them by name.

The big idea
We tried to imagine what the ultimate movie experience might feel like through Sony PlayStation. The plan was to create three high-impact viral promos inspired by well-known movies, using an ‘immersive imaging’ technique.

The films use 3D projection mapping as their starting point, combined with a PlayStation Move controller tracking the camera and traditional analogue special effects. The viewer gets a supercharged experience, as the living room set is brought to life.

Working with Found and Marshmallow Laser Feast, each film was carefully choreographed and timed to the animation sequence, so that we could capture everything in one take, with no cuts, no post production – and all in real-time.

This mind-bending project combined real-life props, pyrotechnics and ninja puppeteers, enabling us to blur the boundaries between the virtual and real.

Gold, Ads of the World, October 2012
Winner, Best Social Video Chairman’s Award
Braves Brand Video Awards 2012
In book: Creative Review Annual 2012

Big results
The series of virals has had over 4.5 million organic views since launch, been featured on prime-time TV shows in the USA and Japan – and even made us famous in China! (Or so we’re told.)

One of the key objectives of the project was to combine clever technology with a homespun feel, giving the impression it was created by a bunch of friends in a room – which isn’t that far from the truth.