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Unlock the power of imagination

Entrusted with making it relevant to all Harry Potter fans, we devised an overarching strategy and redesign of Pottermore, the digital heart of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World.

By creating an ecosystem of experiences for all kinds of fans to lose themselves in, we completely re-imagined the platform from the ground up. Putting the magic back into the world’s favourite wizarding destination, and appealing to a much wider audience than before.

18 months in, and the resulting fan hub is the most engaged site in the entertainment franchise sector – outperforming Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Marvel, combined.

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Our challenge
The Fantastic Beasts film franchise, the Cursed Child stage play and innovative Apple products were all set to reopen the Wizarding World to its millions of fans worldwide. Our challenge was to define Pottermore, create a place to market this activity from and delight Harry Potter fans of all kinds.

“Pottermore has been crucial to this year’s Harry Potter brand reboot.”

Wall Street Journal

Interactive experiences
Interactive experiences within Pottermore have enabled the site to greatly increase its engagement levels with fans. The main experience is the Sorting Ceremony, where fans are placed in one of four Hogwarts houses. Sorting then connects them to personalised content, stories and social assets to share.

Reading experiences
Creating the best possible reading experience a was vital, as Pottermore’s crown jewel is its exclusive J.K. Rowling writing. We designed it mobile and tablet first, to reflect the user’s preferred mode of use. Design cues were taken from traditional book layouts, presenting the writing in as cleanly as possible to aid legibility.

Design language
We created a clean and minimal back design system that draws its influences from the craft of books, including ex libris pictograms, marbled end papers and page ornaments. This is all wrapped up in a vast colour language derived from the Wizarding World, that ensures Pottermore doesn’t get lost in the world of fusty bookish textures and has the perfect mix of new and old.

“We’ve built an agile and flexible editorial platform that is now operating as a proper media entity, with writing from J.K. Rowling and meaningful, timely news.”

Susan L. Jurevics
CEO, Pottermore