SAP & Live Nation

  • User experience & design
  • Interactive installation

After teaming up with Live Nation, SAP asked us to create an immersive installation to showcase their revolutionary social listening software Phizzle.

Phizzle tracks the social conversations on any chosen subject, giving brands a unique insight into how people actually interact with their products. In turn this makes it much easier for brands to target their most influential users.

To show the power of Phizzle at live music events we created Fan Beat; an interactive real time installation showing each fan’s individual social footprint as small dancing bubbles that change shape and size depending on the reach and relevance of their social postings.

In 2016 the Fan Beat installation will be touring round Live Nation venues worldwide as part of an ongoing programme of events

“This installation is really powerful visually and it’s playful and fun – you just want to find out more and spend some time with it.”

Phoebe Victoria Smith
Creative Producer, GMR Marketing
Produced by Allez!, an Output Group company