• Art direction
  • User experience & design
  • Web build
  • Digital strategy

To support Speedo’s position as the number one global swim fitness brand, we created an aspirational and interactive online experience showcasing the benefits of the ‘Get Speedo Fit’ range.

Visualising success 
We were asked to create an online product guide for Speedo’s e-commerce site and other retailers. The goal was an aspirational and interactive experience, confirming Speedo as the ultimate swim fitness brand. As well as showcasing ‘Get Speedo Fit’ products across swimwear, training aids and goggles, the tool would guide users further into the range, increasing sales conversion by deep-linking through to product listings.

Mapping an engaging journey 
As the ‘experiences’ live within both Speedo’s e-com and external retailer sites, they present several challenges. How could we maximise limited screen real-estate, maintain a structure across stories, create directional new product imagery, configure content for different retailers – and deliver it all in a responsive experience?

The answer involves a modular scrolling system which guides the customer through a journey of discovery and detail. Transitions and interactive panels encourage engagement. Alongside the front-end development we also delivered a back-end tool, letting retailers configure the modular panels and content based on products stocked.

A physical look and feel
We worked with Speedo to develop a new look and feel for product imagery, tailored to achieve the aims of the experience. In a two-day shoot at Pentland’s photography studios, we art-directed images that hero the products and appeal to an audience that demands they are fit for purpose.

Inspiring the brand
The photo-shoot built a library of images: full-figure heroes, gestures and details for use in zooms, transitions and overviews. We set these within flexible backgrounds, developed from existing ‘Get Speedo Fit’ styling, to maintain a high-quality aesthetic.

Take the journey
The key to this project was weaving together a wide range of elements into a coherent system. A problem-solving approach to the concept, messaging, structure, visual approach, on-screen interactions, development and technological requirements results in a product that’s simple for retail partners to implement.