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We’re always excited by new thinking that informs our work. We meet interesting people from all walks of life, and bring them together to share their experiences at informal and inspiring events.

Next Glug event

The Old Trampery
9th March


We’re co-founders of Glug, the global creative industry’s favourite ‘notworking’ event. From its London origins, the community is growing fast, with 12,000 Gluggers in thirteen cities across seven countries.

If you’re into binge thinking, get involved at glugevents.com

“Cracking to meet a bunch of like-minded creative folk. Look forward to the next one…”

Next Food For Thought event

Merchant’s Tavern
Coming soon!

Email Gemma for details

Food for Thought

Food for Thought is more intimate, but no less animated. We invite clients, friends and business leaders to get together over dinner and discuss hot topics within the marketing world.

Sound like your thing? Get in touch with Gemma and tell us what you’d bring to the party.

“Understanding how industry peers are tackling similar challenges was very rewarding.”