Exstatica & H7steria concerts

BBC Concert Orchestra


The BBC Concert Orchestra hosts an eclectic array of concerts and produces bespoke promotional material relevant to each event. 2012 saw two concerts exploring extreme emotional states, under the names 'Exstatica' and 'H7steria'. We created a unique look & feel to promote each event, reflecting both the themes addressed in the music and the emotions felt by the audience.

The Exstatica artwork features fragments of human body parts overlaid with type to create an abstract illustration. Decoding glasses were provided to mask the red pigment, strip out the typography and fully reveal the illustration. This theme continued into the concert space, with attendees invited to use their glasses to experience banners and projections translating the lyrics.

The H7steria event delved into the depths of the human psyche – interpreting fear, anxiety and madness in an examination of hysteria. The concert included pieces exloring experiences of mental illness and losing touch with reality. The campaign image leads the viewer to question what they see through the creation of an optical illusion, as the concentric circles appear to slowly rotate when stared at. The design was used across print and digital advertising, where where the effect was enhanced on screen.

We'll be working on more BBC Concert Orchestra events over the next year, so look out for those.

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