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We create regular insight and trend reports
that delve into topics around branding, design
and digital marketing across a range of sectors.

We've discovered trends in multi-screen viewing,
showcased Great British design and explored
directions in festival and event branding.

Coming up, we'll be looking at everything from
sports brands to gaming and entertainment,
with a healthy dose of fashion and technology.

Download previous reports:

Insight Report - SO Music and events

— Music and events. (July 2013)
In today's connected world, we are closer than ever to those we can't see. Brands, bands and their eager fans can interact in ways that were previously unimaginable.

Insight Report - SO Gaming & Technology Trend Report

— Gaming & Technology. (June 2013)
Here we showcase a few examples of real-world solutions from outside the sector, that address three of the issues facing today’s technology brands.

Insight Report - SO Hospitality Trend Report

— Hospitality. (Feb 2013)
In this insight report, we take an alternative look at ways hospitality brands can distinguish themselves, by seeing what can be learnt from the broader marketing industry beyond the sector.

Insight Report - SO Youth Trend Report

— Youth. (Oct 2012)
As we jump into another Freshers' week we thought it's only appropriate to tap into our youthful side. We’ve been working with youth brands for the past decade and it's always been important to keep close to what makes this key audience tick in a fast-paced world.

Insight Report Aug 2012

— Gaming & Technology. (Aug 2012)
In this edition we take a look at emerging trends in both the Gaming and Technology sectors as well as running through some of the more interesting projects we’ve discovered recently. This month we have a Pod takeover from the digital team at Studio Output. The very talented Karin, Rory and Rita bring their trend, technology and design insights to this report.

Insight Report Aug 2012

— London 2012 round-up. (Aug 2012)
This special edition of the Studio Output Insight Report takes a look at some of the marketing that took place at the London 2012 Olympic Games. From the brazen to the inconspicuous, print to digital, major sponsors to sneaky ambush marketers, it gives you a handy snapshot of who did what, and how well it worked.

— Hospitality (May 2012)
Food and drink are in our blood and it remains a highly competitive battleground, with increasing innovation being seen in the sector. We highlight some marketing trends from UK and internationally and also introduce our second pod takeover, where we look in more detail at the creative trends we are seeing in this area.

— Music (April 2012)
In this edition we take a look at current and emerging trends in the entertainment sector, with a particular focus on interactivity and a re-think of viral content. We've also got the first of our Pod takeovers in which one of our creative teams shows off visual trends they've see taking place in design, fashion and branding.

— Digital Food & Drink (Spring 2012)
Starting with web design and content, we look at some of the best and most innovative examples that we've seen recently. We then take a look at mobile and social media to explore where and how brands are reaching their audiences through apps and augmented reality gaming. Finally, we look briefly at the next phase of social networking - the interest graph.

— Entertainment Part 2 (Sept ’11)
In the second entertainment report, we note how the music industry is responding to challenging times through innovation and creative thinking, and how traditional content creators and publishers are adapting to deliver digital content.

— Entertainment Part 1 (Sept ’11)
In the first of our entertainment reports, we explore how the big US TV shows are building content-rich companions to their .com sites, marketing and content is becoming more social and 'gamification' is starting to take hold.

— Sports Digital (Sept ’11)
The sports sector is driving some of the best examples of digital design and content. We study how brands are using audiences to create user-generated content, and how the most innovative technologies can fit within consumer-oriented concepts.

— Great Britain (May ’11)
British brands are doing some exciting things in design, marketing and digital communications. We pick out what's been inspiring us, and how others can learn from what's happening in the UK.

— Drinks & Hospitality (Feb ’11)
As we move into a new decade, we look at the hospitality sectors from a brand and digital perspective. Some are forward thinking, while others hark back to more nostalgic times to create unique environments.

— Digital Marketing (Jan ’11)
The urban environment as interactive play space, uber-creative mobile Apps, brands as pseudo-publishers and exciting ways to use data. The future offers more ways to use your online presence to your advantage.

— Technology (Nov ’10)
From next-level customisation and user-generated content, to technology used in unusual ways, we see how recent trends in design & digital ensure the big technology brands lead the charge.

— Festivals & Events (Oct ’10)
With the festival season over, we examine the key themes present at festivals and events during 2010. As well as the events themselves, we've looked at the role technology is adding to the festival experience.

— Bars & Restaurants (Aug ’10)
From pop-up bars and restaurants, to the invasion of the bicycle, we see how cohesive branding and graphic schemes are helping to transform London's exciting new hospitality environments.

— E3 Videogames Conference (June ’10)
3D and motion control dominated the agenda as the standout developments. We also saw advances in social & family gaming as mainstream entertainment crosses further into gaming.

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