Making the difference: 15 years of getting brands noticed
Ian, Rob & Dan, September 2017

To our clients, press and friends everywhere

This week Studio Output is celebrating 15 years of making the difference through design, and looking ahead to what comes next. We believe that good design is central to business success, getting brands noticed and talked about for the right reasons. We’re going to be talking more about that impact in future, because design should be integral to a modern brand.

Our approach centres around design that forms stronger connections with the audiences our clients are trying to reach. That’s why we’ve never had a house style – our work is always beautifully crafted, but always driven by audience needs and brand ambitions.

Making the difference also guides our approach to recruitment and the brilliant team we’ve built. People who think beyond client expectations, and open their minds to continuous learning, do well at Studio Output.

A love of learning

Our love of learning keeps us open to new techniques and technologies that help ideas come to life. In 2012 we acquired Found Studio, making us one of the first branding and design agencies to bring content in-house. More recently we’ve begun to explore VR and AR for clients like Pernod Ricard, as brands look to broaden their methods of communication.

This approach has seen us grow into one of the most respected multi-channel design agencies around. We are not traditional in our approach. We adapt to a changing world, and understand that everything we do has to look great and create cohesion across every touchpoint of a modern brand – whether that be online, across social, on TV or out of home. Recent brand launches like BBC Three and BBC Sport have really cemented our reputation in this area.

Amazing brands, wonderful people

Over the years we’ve had opportunities to work with some amazing brands and wonderful people. Whether helping Ministry of Sound rediscover its cool, pushing the limits of technology for Sony PlayStation or co-creating cross-platform brands with the BBC, our aim has always been to make a real difference to businesses through design.

What’s perhaps more interesting is noticing that the clients we do our best work for also recognise the commercial value of creative thinking and good design in achieving their objectives. On occasion, we’ve worked with people who see design simply as a commodity and, as a result, it’s never really worked. So when we’re interrogating briefs, a key part of our decision making is whether design is integral to making the difference, or just an afterthought.

Looking forward

We are immensely proud of what we’ve built over the past 15 years, the work our teams have created and the brilliant people who have decided to work for us, or chosen to work with us. An agency is only as good as the talent it employs and the clients it gets to work with.

Now, we look forward to the next 15 years. Whatever that future looks like, making the difference through design will be at the heart of everything we do. Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far – we hope to make you proud in the future!

Ian Hambleton, Rob Coke & Dan Moore
Studio Output partners


2002: Moving in to our first studio.
15 years ago, we opened our doors and started making the difference through design.

2003: One Live in Brighton branding.
Creating buzz and shifting tickets for BBC Radio 1’s annual takeover.

2004: Tea Factory Bar & Kitchen branding.
Reframing a Liverpool building’s heritage while putting bums on seats.

2005: Geisha branding.
Bringing pan-Asian design luxury to Nottingham’s historic Lace Market.

2006: Ministry of Sound Saturday Sessions ‘Short Circuit’ campaign.
Helping the legendary club to rediscover its cool.

2007: Cadbury Wispa teaser campaign.
Relaunching a classic and helping Cadbury sell 60 million bars.

2008: LittleBigPlanet branding.
Launching one of gaming’s superstar character brands.

2009: Sony PlayStation ‘Wave’ idents.
Improving recognition and attribution for PlayStation 3.

2010: Ministry of Sound Saturday Sessions ‘Bass Island’ campaign.
Reinventing the world’s most famous nightclub.

2011: PlayStation Videostore ‘Great films fill rooms’.
Launching Sony’s new movie streaming service with a viral smash.

2012: BBC Radio 1 Hackney 2012 branding.
Branding the BBC’s biggest ever live music event.

2013: MTV and Durex ‘Someone Like Me’ campaign.
Helping young people take charge of their sexual health.

2014: Viber brand development.
Driving new user acquisition and retention in a congested market.

2015: Pottermore.
Uniting the vast global Harry Potter fanbase.

2016: Union Hand-Roasted brand refresh.
Supporting the scale-up of a fast-growing business.

2017: BBC Three brand refresh.
Ensuring brand recognition in new digital channels.

2017: East Village retail branding.
Growing a retail community into a thriving destination.

2017: RizeUp UK campaign.
Changing young people’s perception of voting.

2017: BBC Sport brand harmonisation.
Coherence, cut-through and credit across all platforms.

2017: Auto Trader brand design.
Shifting perceptions of an iconic British motoring brand.