Studio Bites: No. 1
Back to the future

Once a week, we have a ‘creative breakfast’ session at Studio Output. Everyone shares something interesting they’ve seen that week, around a loose theme. This week the theme was ‘Back to the future’, turning up some interesting finds that remind us the best way forward is often by taking inspiration from the past.



Design at the core
Jessica Svendsen is a designer who’s produced some fantastic work in her time at Pentagram, combining typography as image with strong use of black & white layouts. She’s recently joined Apple, suggesting that the tech icon is looking to regain its design authority. The typeface shown here, ‘Project’, was created by projecting onto a corner and a curved surface.



Taste the history
Coca-Cola’s new proposition may suggest they’re experimenting with synesthesia, but it’s really a return to talking about product benefits, rather than lofty claims to own ‘happiness’. The crop of images released at launch also suggest that it’s about returning to the classic visual style of the past too.



Norwegian wood
Ellmer Stefan is a Norwegian type designer who’s been experimenting with letterforms based round old woodcuts. Some of the resulting forms stretch legibility to extremes, pointing to a possible new direction in logotype design way beyond the current trends. He’s set himself the challenge of releasing a new display font every Monday throughout 2016 at



On the cards
These classic card games from the 1950s showcase typography that wouldn’t look out of place used today. ‘Whot’ is the forerunner of the contemporary game ‘Uno’, and the iconography on the cards themselves has more than a whiff of the occult hipster.



Original fashion show
Adidas Originals launched their collaboration with Japanese label White Mountaineering in Florence. An all-black collection, with the three classic white stripes, it could have been another exercise in retro sportswear. But the contemporary garment cuts, not to mention the impressive light show, place it firmly in the near future.