Studio Bites: No. 13

Each week we ask our team to select something they’ve seen or read that is inspiring, interesting, or just plain intriguing. At our creative breakfast we meet over coffee and croissants to share and discuss what everyone brought to the table.


In the long run

Staggeringly fast product delivery times are gradually becoming the new norm. So why not raise a smile by taking the idea and running in exactly the opposite direction? Unbeknownst to the man who pre-orders them, his pair of Diadora’s latest running shoes takes quite a remarkable journey to reach him.



Human beatbox

Staying momentarily with the running theme, is this neat idea from Puma. A programmable, self-driving ‘shoebox’ that trains you to run faster.



Face value

Trying to find the right image to appeal to your audience, is an age-old problem that saps many an hour in creative industries. Which makes this research done by Netflix rather eye-opening.



A real nail-biter

Some product innovations are made purely to grab attention, but when they hit home on the humour front it tends to be forgivable. For those wishing they had access to the scent of fried chicken always at their fingertips, comes this ground-breaking innovation from KFC.



Hidden in plain sight

Finally, an intriguing approach to storytelling recently gathered a lot of attention on Reddit. Told across different discussion threads in the form of comments, a creepy sci-fi horror tale has emerged which is all the more affecting since it is quite literally woven through a platform used for everyday conversation and dialogue.


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