Studio Bites: No. 16

Each week we ask our team to select something they’ve seen that is inspiring, interesting, or simply intriguing. At our creative breakfast we meet over coffee to share and discuss what everyone brought to the table.


Knockout visuals

‘Fabric weaved by time’ does a pretty great job to describe this amazing series of Kung Fu motion visualisations by Tobias Gremmler.



Cut out and keep

Imaginative use of layers and paper crafts abound this eye-catching work from Eiko Ojala.



Site for sore ears

It’s probably best you don’t start playing around with this very nicely designed and highly addictive online theremin.



Perfect fit

The latest high profile collaboration between fast fashion and catwalk couture, Kenzo x H&M showcases striking patterns and itself follows an increasingly common one – luxury brands reaching down to the masses through smart partnerships that don’t dilute their premium offering.



Simply better

The OOH execution for Penguin Pockets really grabbed our Design Director’s attention on his way home recently. A clean 6 sheet design with a short quote from The Good Soldier Švejk by Jaroslav Hasek set at the top and the Pocket Penguins logo lock-up at the bottom.

The pureness of the design grabs attention in a place where you’re normally bombarded with text and image. However, its execution isn’t without faults – underground stations are grubby places and the whiteness of this design already looked tired even though it had just gone up.

The website is the real treat too, especially on mobile – a lush site with extracts of the books on offer to read as you travel.


Roughly speaking

‘In its ruggedness and lack of concern to look comfortable or easy, Brutalism can be seen as a reaction by a younger generation to the lightness, optimism, and frivolity of today’s web design’. A compendium of sites that do their level best to dispel with the delicate.


Site for sore ears – Part 2

A rather cool Chrome Experiment that synthesizes audio from images. How good does your selfie sound?


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