Studio Bites: No. 17

Each week we ask our team to select something they’ve seen that is inspiring, interesting, or simply intriguing. At our creative breakfast we meet over coffee to share and discuss what everyone brought to the table.


Music to my eyes

This ‘visual exploration of Pilotpriest’s new album’ does a fantastic job of blending sight and sound – no surprise when you learn that Anthony Burns started his career as a VFX artist. Throw a hyper-minimal interface into the mix, and you have an experience that really draws in your eyes and ears.



Get to it

On the subject of hyper-minimal, timestripe aims to wake you up from wasting time by helping you to visualise the frightening speed at which life flies by.



High times

With a few exceptions (hello, Warby Parker) annual reports tend to be pretty stodgy. This year Airbus decided to join the ranks of those who take things up a level.



Under cover of darkness Dawkins

A fitting blend of content, concept and execution, Penguin’s site for several of Richard Dawkins’ books allows you to create your own organism, see how it might evolve over generations, and potentially have it feature on the cover of your own unique book.



And finally for Friday, what would happen if taking a selfie changed your appearance in real-life? Taking the ‘if the wind changes…’ expression and running with it, is this delightfully silly short from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Creatives series.


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