Studio Bites: No. 19

Each week we ask our team to select something they’ve seen that is inspiring, interesting, or simply intriguing. At our creative breakfast we meet over coffee to share and discuss what everyone brought to the table.


City buzz

Recently launched in the heart of London’s King’s Cross, a 60-minute ‘Bee trail‘ aims to use mobile technology to educate walkers about bees, their environment and their relationship with us. With discounts at local restaurants it delivers a fitting combination of urban discovery and ecological education.



Not in vain

In order to not let their daughter’s death be in vain, the parents of a 16-year-old Belgian girl know only as ‘Louise’ allowed a group of organisations access to the messages which caused her to take her own life. A 360-degree interactive exhibit of balloons adorned with the hateful messages she received, is central to the resulting work – a truly heartbreaking depiction of cyberbullying which will hopefully help to prevent other tragedies such as this.



Oozing style

The newly refreshed site from the highly talented team at Resn recently grabbed the attention of our designer/developer Martin. Their vision ‘to infect minds with gooey interactive experiences that amaze and stupefy’, is clearly evident in a the playful experiences (resize your browser window for a pretty good example) that house their impressive body of client work.




A superb piece of storytelling from the BBC – Body on the Moor is as elegant and deft in its use of online media, as it is fascinating in the mystery that unfolds.


Shelling out

Glorious pun usage aside, this cute initiative from Japanese real estate information company Suumo is rather fitting (quite literally), and features a rather unusual brand ambassador.


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