Studio Bites: No. 22

Each week we ask our team to select something they’ve seen that is inspiring, interesting, or simply intriguing. At our creative breakfast we meet over coffee to share and discuss what everyone brought to the table.


Above the fold

With incredibly skilful use of layers and paper craft, it’s no wonder the amazing work of Maud Vantours caught the attention of our designer, Naël.



Fakie backside flip

Self-deprecating marketing is a tricky balance to master, so the teams at Palace and Reebok have pulled off no mean feat with this superb ‘endorsement’ by Jonah Hill.



Step into the frame

The best comic books and graphic novels create legions of dedicated fans. For those who want to get really into their favourites, it’s surely only a matter of time before VR experiences let them do just that. This neat experiment with a few frames from Calvin & Hobbes gives a very small taste of how that could start.



Connected life

A great embodiment of the saying ‘one’s trash is another’s treasure’, Sui Park works with cable ties to create intriguing abstract shapes and organic forms.


Same ol’ story

A rather interesting study by the Computational Story Laboratory at MIT, to identify the building blocks of all stories. Curious to see what they’d make of Memento.


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