Studio Bites: No. 3

Each week we hold a ‘creative breakfast’, where members of our team share something interesting they’ve seen around a loose theme.

This week our theme was ‘Language’.


Action speaks louder than in words

Batman tends to be most vocal with his fists, but back in the original 1966 film the fight scenes were punctuated by highly stylised onomatopoeic graphics that flashed on-screen. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of BOFF!, here are all those graphics in one GIF.



Say what?

Grandmas attempt to explain the terms used by Millenni… let’s just say ‘young people’. Needless to say it results in confusion and amusement, as did House of Fraser’s recent attempt to get ’emojinal’.




$50 is pretty steep even for a sweet loaf, but the elegance of the packaging on this From Roy Panettone somehow make it seem a fair price. From the team at the NYC office of Base Design, the bold yet simple use of language is reminiscent of the wonderfully pithy 5-minute poster series by their Brussels Creative Director, Thierry Brunfaut.



Lost for words

If there was ever a doubt, this realtime emojitracker shows how pervasive emoji use is in the language of Twitter. Spare a thought for the poor ‘Baggage Claim’ emoji, which hardly gets a look-in.



Mother tongue

Memrise blends words and pictures to create an adaptive learning experience, using ‘images and science to make learning a new language easy and fun’. The app makes use of fragments of time to plant seeds that grow your skills and vocabulary.



Cloth talk

DJ Khaled’s rather unique words of wisdom have been the toast of the internet recently, so reasonably enough someone decided to make a Khaled Ipsum placeholder text generator. We blessed.

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