Studio Bites: No. 4

Each week we hold a ‘creative breakfast’, where members of our team share something interesting they’ve seen around a loose theme.

This week our theme was ‘Prediction’.


Future projections

This piece of art from Nobumichi Asa takes projection mapping to the next level via ‘Time Face Tracking 3D’. The stunning result truly looks halfway between human and robotic.



Wild card

On a recent trip to Australia, our Design Director Johanna had the chance to visit the MONA in Tasmania. It’s created and curated by David Walsh, whose eccentricities in life, art, and gambling make for an interesting read.

Despite winning more than $8 million a year as a member of one of the world’s largest gambling syndicates – the ‘Bank Roll’ – he’s not motivated by money, claming “the specific outcome of a race is less important than making a system that works long-term”.

Designed like a Borgesian labyrinth, lit like a nightclub and arranged like a grand cabinet of wonders, the MONA is arguably the most controversial private collection of modern art and antiquities in the world.



Shadows of the past

Sometimes the past leaves a visible mark on the future, and the missing buildings project of photographers Beth and Thom Atkinson captures the subtle yet indelible legacy of violent acts. Scenes which seem mundane and calm to the casual observer, show the scars of actions and intentions from long ago.




‘Predictions for [x] in 2016′ presentations are two-a-penny, but what about those that reach further? Critical thinking may look upon the seers and prophets of the past with a healthy dose of scepticism, but a small part of us always wonders if these things could be true.

One notable (and still living) prophetess is Vanga, who pinpoints 2111 as the year we’ll finally turn into cyborgs – which seems a fairly safe bet if Boston Dynamics keeps up its rate of progress. Hopefully most of Nostradamus’ top predictions for 2016 are off-the-mark, although ‘unusual weather patterns’ could be pretty much any week in London.

This little journey into prophecies and precognition led our designer Hani to recall the simple yet inventive 2006 film Stranger Than Fiction. Worth a watch if Nostradamus proves right this weekend.



The Four Horsemen

It’s a fairly safe bet that Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google deliver above average results, but quite how far in front they are is mind-boggling.

This overview of their growth and potential pathways to a trillion dollars puts some of the numbers into perspective.


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