Studio Bites: No. 5

We throw our team a small challenge each week in the form of a loose theme on which to find something inspiring and intriguing. Over coffee and a croissant at our Creative Breakfast, we meet to share, discuss, and see where that theme took us.

This week our theme was Assistance.



As part of Mercedes’ Fashion Creatives series,
an amusing short film explores what it would be like if a creative’s assistant was a small, puppet version of themselves. A great script coupled with very light branding makes for a delightful couple of minutes in the company of Michel Gaubert (little and large).



The wind beneath their wings

Sidekicks valiantly help heroes and villains achieve their quests and goals. Regarded as subordinates, they typically don’t have the glamour and charisma of the leads, but in many cases inspire a great deal of love and interest all of their own.

Three such characters that caught the interest of our designer Hani, are:

1) The tireless Dr. Watson, who before walking at Holme’s heels, studied at the University of London Medical School and St. Barts Whitechapel – both a short walk from our office.

2) Speaking of Barts… the bumbling bestie of The Simpson’s spiky-haired son, Millhouse, is apparently allergic to his own tears. He has the unusual middle name ‘Mussolini’ and somewhat surprisingly, originally sprang to life in an ad for Butterfingers.

3) Regularly saving the day, and perhaps the most famous sidekick of all, is Robin. Batman’s right-hand man (or woman) has had many different guises since he first appeared in the 1940s, and is probably the first ‘famous’ assistant to spring to most minds.



Lightening the load

Patternity is an innovative and beautiful online pattern image archive – great for inspiration and assisting with research.



Come with me if you want to… get a better ROI

Apparently robo-advisers are putting 46,000 human jobs at risk at major banks and brokerage firms. This has resulted in a rush for them to develop their own versions of the tech for their employees and customers to use, because “people want to combine a human voice with the best technology.”



Hard to follow

Maps have helped mankind navigate and discover for millennia, but they can also be used for entertaining effect – who knew there’d be such a thing as a GPS Artist’s Sketchbook?


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