Studio Bites: No. 6

We throw our team a small challenge each week: a loose theme on which to find something inspiring and intriguing. Around the table at our creative breakfast we meet to share, discuss, and see where it took us.

This week our theme was Charm.


To wit, to woo

Charm and wit frequently go hand-in-hand, and can make the subtle difference in how a product, service or message is perceived. Delightfully simple yet deceptively smart, witty design results in a human feel that delivers in the celebrated sourcebook, ‘A Smile in the Mind’. Recently updated and republished, here are a few great new examples to be found.



Credit where credit’s due

Mastercard’s long-running ‘Priceless’ campaign (19 years to date!) hinges upon the value of experiences against their cost. Arguably one of the first marketing campaigns to spawn its own set of memes, the most recent work continues the tradition of human storytelling, skilfully using celebrities to create a series of Priceless Surprises that are genuinely heart-warming.



Charm offensive

In the unlikely event you haven’t caught the relentless marketing campaign for ‘Deadpool’, it’s pretty much a masterclass in how to blend internet culture with charm and chutzpah. It can’t hurt that Ryan Reynolds is a walking embodiment of cheeky-chappiness, and has caused some interesting discussion around what it takes to create a hit when you don’t have a lightsaber to swing around.



Feline lucky?

Anyone frequenting Japanese restaurants and shops the world over will be familiar with the beckoning cat figurine that often greets visitors, but how many know the legend behind this rather cute lucky charm?



Prince Charming 2.0

A light-hearted look at the differences between the traditional depiction of Prince Charming and modern day ‘charmers’. Speaking of which, the hopes for Leo to finally get his Oscar this year inspired this rather entertaining 8-bit style browser game.


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