Studio Bites: No. 7

We throw our team a small challenge each week: a loose theme on which to find something inspiring and intriguing. Around the table at our creative breakfast we meet to share, discuss, and see where it took us.

This week our theme was Complexity.


Strokes of genius

Taking quite a literal approach to the term ‘motion picture’, the production efforts behind the upcoming film about Van Gogh’s life, Loving Vincent, are nothing short of staggering. Over 100 painters worked together to contribute the 12 oil-paintings-per-second needed to bring the story to life. Check out 720 of them in the minute-long trailer.



Land of confusion

Say ‘Labyrinth’ to people of a certain age and they’ll be reminded of the babe. Although there aren’t a great many mazes for Londoners to explore, some are right under our noses. In case they escaped your notice, there’s a unique and beautifully designed maze at each of London’s 270 Underground stations, created back in 2013 as part of the celebration for 150 years of minding the gap.



Spaghetti junction

Perhaps after a few learner’s mistakes, driving becomes second-nature to most of us. In an effort to make that the same for their driverless cars, Google’s fleet apparently logs 3 million simulated miles per day. Our roadways are undoubtedly full of complexity, but it’s interesting to consider how the introduction of these vehicles could simplify the designs of our cities.



Hardly simple

The Sydney Opera House is a truly timeless building, but is arguably far better known for its iconic structure than what goes on inside. To address this, the recently launched ‘Shifting Perspectives’ brand idea aims to inspire conversation and interest in culture and art. Along with the striking-yet-practical ‘sculptural form language’, it’s a beautiful blend of simple themes and complex thoughts, which perfectly reflects the building itself.




In addition to the usual internet tropes that are fluffy and feline, the internet usually goes wild for exhibitions of fanatical levels of craftsmanship or attention to detail. Crackers with ‘Royal icing embroidery‘ definitely deserve a better fate than a plate, and Swedish band Wintergaten created this incredible Marble Machine music maker. Your move, OK Go.


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