Studio Bites: No. 8

We throw our team a small challenge each week: a loose theme on which to find something inspiring and intriguing. Around the table at our creative breakfast we meet to share, discuss, and see where it took us.

This week our theme was Fear.


Under cover of darkness

Some people are lucky enough not to have any irrational fears, but for those who do they can be a source of great frustration, and even paralysis at the extreme. Putting a creative slant on such phobias is a nicely stylised interpretation of 34 irrational fears – book covers designed to represent the A-Z of phobias.



Tempting fate

A live-stream of divers swimming with Bull Sharks could have ended in quite the reverse (although in the USA you’re apparently more likely to die in a Black Friday sale), but it gave a solid showcase of the recently announced GoPro and Periscope partnership. It’s a mutually beneficial deal which hopes to reduce the pain of lengthy editing processes, and pave the way to more adventurous branded content.



Don’t look down

A great example of technology being used to help people overcome their limitations, Samsung’s latest #BeFearless project (as part of its ongoing Launching People campaign), reveals how their Gear VR product has been used to conquer the fear of heights.



Dark arts

If Batman had a favourite colour, the odds-on favourite would likely be Vantablack. Capturing 99.96% of visible light it has been termed the ‘blackest black on earth’ and hit the headlines earlier this year when it emerged that Sir Anish Kapoor has obtained the exclusive rights to its use for artistic purposes. <insert gag about lightening-up>



Scared stiff

In late January, part-documentary/part-thriller ‘The Nightmare‘ revealed the terrors of sleep paralysis – which, it turns out, is something our designer Hani has experienced. Folklore has it that the ‘night hag’ is responsible for this semi-lucid nightmare, which apparently lasts from a few seconds to several minutes, but can feel like hours. Sleep deprivation, alcohol and physical fatigue are apparently all contributing factors – worth bearing in mind if you’re reading this on a Friday ; )


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