Making it happen

We design with empathy and flair to deliver brand experiences that are useful and distinctive. Here’s how.

It starts with you

You know your brand best — why you exist, what you’re good at, and how you want others to feel about you. So that’s where we start. By getting to know you.

We’ll help express what you do in a way that’s easy for your audiences to understand, and makes your points of difference clear. So everyone else can get to know you, too.

Illustration by Daisy Gatehouse

Brand with character

Character describes what you’re like and how you’d like others to describe you. We work with you to define three traits which best reflect your approach, people and ambition.

It’s how we distil the innate qualities of a brand into a tangible and actionable form to drive design.

Illustration by Billy Partridge

Go beyond the surface

As specialists in brand, digital and product, we love a deep, deep dive. That’s how we can communicate your brand’s character across every asset and touchpoint.

Because a brand is so much more than a logo, typeface and colour palette. It’s the sum of all the experiences people have with your organisation and products. So we make all these underlying moments just as important as the surface layer.

Illustration by Amy Tibbles

Find meaningful difference

We don’t do different for the sake of difference. Instead, we make brands that are distinctive in their meaning, based in more than aesthetics alone.

By understanding your category, vision and objectives, we make strategic and design decisions to help you either fit in or stand out. And show when it’s right to do one or the other.

Illustration by Anthony Orozco

Break it to make it

We’re huge fans of close collaboration with internal client teams. In our experience, that’s how the best work happens.

We love to challenge and be challenged by you, so we’ve adopted a ‘break it to make it’ philosophy. We make things, before passing them to you to find the breaking point. You pass it back and we figure out useful solutions that can’t be broken!

Illustration by Ben Hickey

Connecting you to partners

We have an extensive black book of some of the best specialists around. Long-term, trusted collaborators we partner with for web development, illustration, 3D and motion design.

What our clients say

“Other agencies say they can bring brand into the product but Output actually does it.” Ben Wynn
Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Equals
“We found the ‘working together’ vibe of the project being a joint enterprise rewarding and successful. And fun.” Will Adams
Deputy Director, Museums Association
“Output is an extended part of our team, on hand to help navigate the challenges we come across with solutions that work.” Ellis McCusker-Thompson
Global Director, Digital Marketing, The Mill

Our services

Brand Strategy

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand proposition
  • Brand character
  • Brand architecture

Brand Identity

  • Visual identity
  • Verbal identity
  • Design systems
  • Brand guidelines

Digital Experience

  • Website content strategy
  • UX design
  • UI & website design
  • App design

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