Defining the future of small-sided football


Powerleague’s vision is to be the undisputed home of 5-a-side football. To support them on this journey, we re-imagined how the business will interact with players, team managers, referees and employees through a differentiating digital strategy and service design.
  • Digital strategy
  • Experience strategy
  • Service design
The need to adapt
Like many sectors, small-sided football needs to evolve from its current analogue, cash-based world to a revolutionised, frictionless customer experience. The Powerleague team recognised that creating an industry-defining service design would improve operational efficiency and help to grow market share.
Putting an ownable customer experience at the heart of the business is crucial to the future for us”
Scott Penman
Operations Director, Powerleague
Understanding the transformation

We visited several Powerleague sites to interview staff and customers, use the facilities and identify pain points and scope for improvement. Design thinking tools – empathy mapping, customer journeys and persona building – helped us articulate user needs and motivations, guiding ‘what if’ thought starters to highlight where the customer experience could go.

Understanding the transformation
Developing the service
Building on our insights, we created a clear vision of a digital-first experience for all types of new and existing customers – from casual guest players and party bookers, to team managers and referees requiring enhanced profiles and features. The service vision covered everything: initial onboarding and venue check-in, virtual wallets, shared payments and customer loyalty.
Developing the service
Defining user journeys

Central to developing a successful service was creating a comprehensive and detailed record of all potential user journeys. Working in a hands-on way allowed us to switch between an overview and the specific details of every journey, before developing each flow into a detailed service blueprint.

Defining user journeys
Building out the ecosystem
A full set of mobile wireframes translate every potential user journey into a comprehensive definition of the experience, ready for visual design & build. Powerleague’s newest site at Nine Elms in London provided an opportunity to test and learn from elements of the service before a full rollout.
Helping Powerleague thrive
The facilities at the new Powerleague club really cement our place as the leader in small-sided football and bring state-of-the-art tech to consumer football.”
Christian Rose
CEO, Powerleague