Alfred Landecker Foundation

Fighting hatred in a digital age

In the face of rising nationalism and hatred directed at minorities, the Alfred Landecker Foundation exists to defend liberal societies and protect democratic structures. We worked with the team to support this significant mission, through a brave new digital platform and an appropriate visual identity for the Foundation.

  • Brand identity
  • Content strategy
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Website build

Our brand is no longer fit for purpose and consistent with our vision and communications strategy.”

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An experience built for change

The Foundation’s ambition is to overcome apathy, drive participation and provoke action. We had to create something that felt urgent and relevant, with the power to get attention. To do this, we broke the category conventions of being academic and well-behaved, creating an experience that is thought-provoking and tenacious. An environment for critical discussion and change.

Depth, breadth and connection

ALF’s audience is wide — from experts, government officials and NGO leaders, to educational institutions and interested individuals of all ages and demographics. The website meets two distinct modes to accommodate this. Casual browsers might be open to discovery, while others are looking to fulfil a specific task. The site also connects past events to the present day, using the lessons of history as a wake-up call to action.

Creating conversation over broadcast

It’s no surprise that the credibility of traditional institutions, established media and politicians is waning. Broadcasting at young audiences shuts them out, instead of inviting them in. Why should you have to be an academic to engage and take action? Instead, we created an experience that felt more like a conversation. This gave the Alfred Landecker Foundation a voice among its audience and a more powerful way to provoke action.

Seriously provocative by design

The subject matter ALF covers is significant and demands respect. To be a relevant political player, the brand and experience needed enough authority to be taken seriously. It had to mean business. But we didn’t want to dilute the Foundation’s edge, or its ambition to make abstract topics relevant. By being challenging and provocative with colour and layout we could stimulate attention, overcome apathy and drive participation.

Making a powerful stand

Democratic structures are increasingly under attack from populist and nationalist organisations. Prejudice against minorities is resurgent around us. Set against the context that ‘Democracies die in silence and ignorance’, ALF fights tenaciously against hatred and indifference by making people care enough to get involved. We designed an identity and visual system to reflect this clear vision and unapologetic determination in the face of such threats.

This is an exceptional result — it was a real team effort, and it was enjoyable to the last minute.”

Silke Muelherr
Deputy CEO, Alfred Landecker Foundation

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