Defiant optimists welcome.

We love to see people flourish, making work that excites us, for clients changing things for the better. And that can all happen in a studio like ours: proudly female-led, defiantly optimistic and creative to its core.

We choose clients who put something meaningful into the world. Like us, they want to stand out, be different and shake things up.

Try something new. Share it. Tweak it. Try it again. Our best ideas are fostered in an environment that encourages exploration.

Find brilliant people, create the space for them to do what they love and watch the team grow together.

We thrive on any challenge. Blending optimism and curiosity with a touch of rebellion, to break down barriers and activate change.

Work with benefits

We thrive on having space to learn, support to develop skills and working hours compatible with an actual life.

Build your career

  • Personalised YCN development plan
  • Progression pathways and co-created reviews
  • Monthly check-ins so you’re fully supported

Work your own way

  • Nine-day fortnight with every other Friday off
  • 10am start on Mondays — hit snooze
  • Work from anywhere for a month every year

Relax and unwind

  • Vitality healthcare, extendable to family
  • Paid Christmas shutdown — switch off
  • Spring offsite, with a ‘no flipchart’ guarantee


As an independent, female-led studio we stand out from the majority. For us, empathy, no ego and complete collaboration are key. Flexibility in work is a priority. And doing amazing projects for innovative companies doing good in the world.”

Gemma Ballinger
Managing Director and Partner, Output

The team

A photo of Output team members in a meeting