Supercharging banking infrastructure

ClearBank: a logo sits over a 3D render of glass-like geometric shapes

ClearBank provides next-level banking infrastructure for a new era of financial services. As the UK’s fastest-growing tech company, it should be instantly recognisable and memorable. We created a brand that embodies the scale of ClearBank’s ambition, and built a digital experience to supercharge global expansion.

  • Brand identity
  • Verbal identity
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Website build
  • Motion design

When the chance to change the very fabric of banking in the UK arrived, I couldn’t let it pass. We are growing quickly and see no reason why we won’t be five or even ten times larger, and that’s just in the UK.”

Charles McManus
CEO, ClearBank

Change the game

ClearBank is a unique business. It has the infrastructure and influence of the ‘Big Four’ banks, paired with the tech capabilities and people to stay ahead of the fastest-growing fintechs. This powerful combination helps companies of all sizes to compete. From traditional banks trying to keep pace, to fintechs scaling quickly, ClearBank ups your game — pushing you to innovate, differentiate and grow.

Innovate. Differentiate. Grow

Powerful collaboration

The relationship between ClearBank and its partners is expressed through a visual language of ‘powerful collaboration’. The brand speaks with a confidence and clarity that matches their ambition. Uniting the company’s direction, it instils pride and elevates ClearBank as an inspirational tech employer.

A clear design language

ClearBank’s new design language captures the balance of advanced technology and the people behind it. The mathematically optimised wordmark, customised brand typeface and spacious layouts combine with natural photography of the expert team, communicating a refreshing sense of clarity.

Visualising the unseen

ClearBank provides the infrastructure behind many financial institutions: from high street banks, to consumer-facing neobanks and the future of crypto. We worked closely with the team to articulate their services into a set of four products, showing exactly what the company offers its customers.

Introducing use cases

We helped ClearBank define ‘use cases’ that show its impact on different financial sectors — growing fintechs quickly, giving traditional banks the infrastructure to compete or establishing new technologies like crypto. These first-hand stories validate the powerful service by connecting ClearBank’s proposition to relatable business needs.

Delivering success

In a comprehensive transformation of the digital experience, we defined a new information architecture, established distinct services and developed use cases. Eligibility flows onboard potential clients and amplify lead generation, helping ClearBank deliver on its ambitious proposition.

Our new brand is the perfect balance between our innovative technology and our vibrant people, and really differentiates us in the market. I’m confident we now have a brand that not only gives us greater flexibility across multiple channels, but is a strong foundation for the future of ClearBank.”

Aimee Cole
Head of Marketing, ClearBank

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