Putting craft into motion

Identity and website for a 3D motion studio

The challenge

Found are artists, makers and creators — a creative studio with 3D motion design as their medium. As the studio has matured, their work has become more design-led, and their clients have evolved from ad agencies to brands. We were challenged to communicate this change in the brand and website, and express what makes Found different: the people, their approach and their craft.

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“The tone of the previous brand has become increasingly out of kilter with the strong culture we have at Found and the vibe of the team.”

Stakeholder interview

Extraordinary visual content

Found fuse 3D motion design with film craft and technology to create content known for its finesse, cinematic quality and attention to detail. Reflecting that in previous iterations of the brand made Found look impressive but aloof, which was at odds with the team’s personalities and approach. We set out to make the brand continue to feel awe-inspiring and discerning, but also warm and approachable.

Collaboration and remix

At its heart, the Found logo is a simple typographic device that plays with light and shadow. It’s a deliberate balance of classic and contemporary, focusing on what catches the light. But with Found’s ability to take our two-dimensional logo into three-dimensional space, it could be abstracted and remixed into many different expressions. Collaborating like this created a broader and more interesting brand world, all from one simple form.

Collaboration and remix

Representing motion craft

The website’s homepage starts with motion, bringing the new identity to life. When rolled over, thumbnails animate, offering a preview of the work. Together, they give the website an editorial feel that shows off the precision and refinement of Found’s approach.

Making room for expression

There’s an undeniable human element to Found’s work. To communicate the craft and imagination of the artists and storytellers, we increased their presence on the site. The ‘Studio’ is the team’s journal where they have space to talk about their process, creative explorations and experiments. We combined three typography styles across the pages to reflect the voices within Found and nod to the collective behind every piece.


Finding creative territories

“Our new brand represents more than just a facelift. The project has been a joy to work on and would be nothing without the team at Output who created it with us.”

Dan Moore
Managing Director, Found

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