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Found are creators, artists and makers – a creative studio with 3D motion design as their medium. As long-term collaborators, we worked together to better reflect their evolution and distinction with a refreshed brand identity and site experience. Visit Found
  • Brand identity
  • User experience
  • Website design & build
The need to adapt
As the studio has matured, Found’s work has shifted to be more design-led and focused on their specialist craft. Their clients have evolved from the ad world to the brand world. We were challenged to communicate this change in the brand and website, and express what makes Found different: the people, their craft and their approach.
The tone of the previous brand had become increasingly out of kilter with the strong culture we have here at Found and the vibe of the team.”
Dan Moore,
Managing Director, Found
Cool, not cold

Known for its finesse and refined quality, Found’s work is visually impressive. Reflecting that in the previous iteration of the brand made them look good, but came across as aloof. Having shared a studio with the team pre-pandemic, that was at odds with how we knew them to be – friendly and approachable. We wanted to close that gap so anyone interacting with Found’s brand would get a sense of what it’s like to work them. Discerning, with awe-inspiring outputs, delivered with warmth.

Artists and storytellers

There’s an undeniable human element to Found’s work. To communicate the craft, care and imagination of these artists and storytellers, we added the ‘Studio’ to the website. This is the team’s journal, with space to talk about their process, creative explorations and experiments. In Found’s competitive space, the work is often left to speak for itself. Sharing the human voices behind the work stands out.

Collaboration and remix

Found wanted their new logo to be simple, impactful and iconic – like a favourite magazine masthead. At its heart, it’s a simple typographic mark that plays with light and shadow. A deliberate balance of classic and contemporary, focusing on what catches the eye. But with Found’s ability to take the logo into a 3D space, it was abstracted and remixed into many different expressions. Collaborating together created a broader, more immersive, brand world, all from a single two-dimensional form.

Collaboration and remix
Practical beauty

Like many of us over the last year, Found have been increasingly persuaded by the ease and value of cloud-based working. Moving their workflow to Google Workspace meant thinking differently about their visual identity and its requirements. We created a Google-first design system, working within the limitations of typeface, styling and layout choice, to get Found’s brand looking as beautiful in Slides as on their website.

Helping Found thrive
Our new brand represents more than just a facelift. The project has been a joy to work on and would be nothing without the team at Output who created it with us.”
Dan Moore
Managing Director, Found