Elevating students to success

Tutorful are on a mission to make life-changing tuition accessible to everyone. They’ve evolved from an online marketplace matching students with tutors, to helping parents secure their child’s future success more actively. We were asked to reflect this change in their brand identity and digital experience. To embody the value Tutorful delivers, the possibilities the team creates and the warm, positive culture they’ve built.

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We want to put people at ease, giving them confidence that they’ve found the right place. That we get it. That we’re here and ready to help.”

Stakeholder interview

Unlock every child’s potential

When we met the Tutorful team, we felt the heart, expertise and substance at the core of what they do. But the brand felt visually neutral and anonymous. The experience was functional and transactional. Tutoring as something to be done rather than to enjoy. So we positioned studying with Tutorful as an experience full of possibilities — to learn, grow and have fun. It meant representing the emotional side, not just the rational.

The upward trajectory

Learning is personal and so is Tutorful’s approach, with a philosophy built on recognising that every child learns differently and there’s no one-size-fits-all journey. Tutorful go the extra mile to ensure a positive outcome, whatever the definition of success. We used this idea of an upward trajectory throughout the visual identity system — the ‘t’ in the logo, extended into uplifting details in the typography and graphic language.

Expressive, joyful learning

To create an environment where learning is something to enjoy rather than endure, we developed illustrations which pepper the experience with moments of fun and warmth. Headlines use a playful tone of voice that’s appropriate to parents and children alike. This radiates confidence to parents that their child would enjoy Tutorful, and for students to see the brand as a bit more fun and welcoming than the usual.

Delivering success

As well as digital components and an online brand hub, we delivered full screen designs for key pages on the Tutorful site. This approach gives the internal design team the best support moving forward, with all the tools they need and clear guidance on how to use them.

Output made the branding process simple and enjoyable. They helped us understand the needs of our target market and create an identity that is accessible, easy to navigate, and looks fantastic.”

James Hamlin
Chief Marketing Officer, Tutorful

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