Building the future of investment

CoinShares is Europe’s largest digital asset investment firm. Not content with leading the industry, they seek to elevate standards and champion the potential of cryptocurrency on a global scale. We created a brand to unify their business behind a new vision, transforming it into a pioneering organisation that not only embraces change, but actively shapes the future of finance, powered by technology.

  • Brand identity
  • Design system

The digital asset revolution has been both the catalyst and the backbone of disruptive value creation paradigms. Legacy financial services and infrastructure are not equipped to support them.”

From the brief

Unearthing opportunity

CoinShares’ platform spots patterns in the shifting landscape of crypto, with opportunities quickly validated by human insight to enable rapid action. This unique fusion is building the future of investment, with the rigour to drive change and make crypto a more robust option.

Visualising the shifting patterns

The combination of technology and expertise is expressed through the CoinShares identity: a visual manifestation of the constantly shifting patterns in the crypto landscape. The brand speaks with the authority of institutional finance to an emerging market, positioning the company as a trusted partner to inform investors, improve their access to the digital assets ecosystem and give them the edge.

Bionic design language

The CoinShares design language builds on the interplay between contrasting states, to create a sense of perpetual motion. Structured grids with fluid, natural movement promote the synergy between humans and technology that drives the company.

Evolving beyond access

By sharing the team’s deep intelligence and expertise through white papers and research, CoinShares goes beyond access, to empower their audience with a competitive edge. AI-powered imagery amplifies the technology-led design language, defining a new era for financial institutions and fulfilling an ambitious proposition.

Amazing work! The new brand is super strong and rarely have I been so well looked after.”

Guillaume Vigier
Design Lead, CoinShares

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