Squeezing character into car insurance


Marshmallow is a car insurance provider with a conscience. In an industry of bad relationships, exploitation and complexity, they’re doing things differently. We worked together to build a brand that visually reflects this stance and the experience they give customers – simple, supportive and on their side. Visit Marshmallow
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Why change?
The Marshmallow team already had the foundations of a strong design system. Now, growing fast and thinking bigger, they needed help building out that system to reflect an evolving product experience and big ambition: To take on the industry and change it for the better, for everyone.
We learn from the past, but build for the future. Our aim is to build insurance that’s cheaper, faster and fairer.”
The Marshmallow story
Not just bare necessities

Buying insurance is usually a necessity, not a choice. That’s reflected in the standard customer experience: boring, transactional and often frustrating. Marshmallow choose to engage with people positively. We built a visual identity toolkit to capture that approach, with elements of charm and delight. The necessities don’t have to be dull – they can be welcoming, feel-good and even fun.

Creative inspiration

Dealing with insurance providers can be unfair and impersonal, yet it impacts us all. Marshmallow want to bring humanity and compassion back into the industry, putting customers first and breaking down any ‘us and them’ barriers. We warmed up the system with a playful toolkit of illustrations as inspiration for the Marshmallow team to iterate on – adding all the character that makes the business so different.

Design with intention

Marshmallow is challenging people’s perceptions of what an insurance company can be. Together we’ve created a brand that’s unexpected for the category, to reflect that difference. In a category suffering from complexity and lacking transparency, we were mindful to remove noise, not add to it. Every element has a clear purpose – it’s not different for the sake of decoration.

Logo development – before & after
A trusted alternative

While the brand is capable of humour and lightheartedness, it never makes light of insurance and Marshmallow’s mission. To be a viable alternative to traditional insurance companies, we had to create a brand worthy of people’s confidence. We did this by infusing a feeling of safety through the visual identity with a clean feel, a grounding navy and the soft cushioning of the logo and ‘mallow’ shapes.

Helping Marshmallow thrive
Output brought a whole new perspective to the Marshmallow brand. The team were collaborative and inclusive, and really understood our needs. Our new brand elements allow us to be more consistent and faster with our design.”
Georgia Kent-Braham
Design Manager, Marshmallow