Changing behaviour through charisma

MindGym are the behaviour change specialists. They apply behavioural science to equip companies with the skills and education to be ready for the future. With an offline rebrand completed by Pentagram, we were asked to translate the new brand into a digital design system that could bridge their visual identity and digital products.

  • Digital design
  • Global design system
  • Component library

Our clients tell us we’re behavioural science experts and there’s no one else that does things like us.”

Stakeholder interview

Credibly charismatic

The new identity is rooted in the MindGym’s charismatic and challenging approach which make it distinctive, balanced with the credibility and clarity that give it integrity. We extended this character into the digital design system, weaving the traits throughout in UI and motion. Key to this was making sure MindGym’s core brand elements, particularly the green they’re known for, are used effectively and meaningfully across the digital experience.

Human to human

MindGym talk about themselves as ‘people-changing people’. To bring that human-to-human, conversational feel into the digital design system, we used warm grey tones that lift the dramatic black & white brand colours. Imagery is cropped in quote modules, as if the subject is caught mid-conversation. And clear, confident typography displays copy which mimics the natural way people speak.

Challenging conventions

MindGym’s bold stance positions it as a future-facing technology-driven business. Rather than the old guard of consultancies, we borrowed codes from the world of tech products. Services are broken down and packaging into product-like solutions, results are backed up by data. This rigour positions MindGym firmly in the tech world, representing their ambition as an organisation.

Backing it up

A mass of resources, editorials, guides and webinars makes up the MindGym ecosystem. We flexed the design system to make sure it adds credibility to long-form content. Using different content tiles and sizes, we incorporated data and quotes to back up claims and demonstrate MindGym’s research and evidence-based approach.

A comprehensive delivery

We worked closely with Pentagram and the internal teams, building on their UX work to design a navigation and several screens across breakpoints. To document MindGym’s global design system and set up the success of its future products, we built a vast digital component library. The final stages of the project saw us closely embedded with their Head of Product and development team. The result is a comprehensive design system and component library to form the basis of a range of future products.

Thank you again for your stellar work. It’s absolutely stunning. We’ve managed to create a cohesive, beautiful and impactful brand online and offline.”

Carolyn Branco
Global Marketing Director, MindGym

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