Promoting artists, powering fandom

For musicians today, the demand for constant promotion across channels can distract from the joy of actually making music. Temple’s powerful platform makes it simple. One tool, one destination to drop new releases, events and merch. We built a brand and digital experience that champions musicians and empowers them to take full control of their growing fandom.

  • Brand identity
  • Product vision
  • Digital experience

Having all fans and followers in one place means you can streamline your marketing efforts and have greater control.”

From the brief

Take full control

While streaming platforms have democratised access to music industry tools, they’ve pressured musicians into an ‘always-on’ promotion mode, which can lead to burnout. Temple consolidates these tools into a single, manageable platform. Artists can engage directly with fans, controlling promotions from releases to merchandise in one place. Music marketing. Simplified.

Ultimate support act

Inspired by the concept of the white label, the Temple brand system is deliberately reductive. Taking a back seat, it becomes a catalyst for others. A blank canvas for musicians to showcase their unique identity.

One place, millions of vibes

This design framework is filled with the energy, passion and individuality of the musician. Every moment can be customised to celebrate and champion each artist, imbue their vibe and adapt to the language of their own marketing.

Inspired by music

Temple’s graphic language embraces its musical roots. Inspired by a record sleeve, the 1:1 format seamlessly transitions to evoke a hole-punched ticket or serrated-edge receipt. Data harvested from the platform is presented using design cues borrowed from music technology. This approach builds subtle consistency for the brand, while remaining endlessly adaptable.

Drop, share, sell

Building out from the brand concept, we defined a digital design language for the marketing website. As well as championing the artists already using Temple, the site showcases powerful product features through the brand framework.

Powerful link-in-bio experience

Over four weekly sprints we developed a vision for the core Temple product: a powerful ‘link-in-bio’ experience where artists take centre stage. Here, the brand language is applied with best practice digital design principles to create a flexible system. Each profile shares fundamental components, but by personalising through colour, artwork and content structure, each is as unique and expressive as the artist.

Your silent partner

By putting the focus on musicians, Temple remains virtually hidden from audiences. Subtle clues acknowledge being part of this supportive club. Through artist success stories and discreet, practical merchandise, the brand builds credibility as a trusted partner.

Output did an incredible job in crafting Temple’s brand and visual identity from the ground up. They also helped us design several key areas of our product. The work they produced was insanely high quality and they managed to deliver it in record time. Overall, the result was above and beyond any of our expectations.”

Omar Ismail
Co-Founder & CEO, Temple

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