Bloomsbury appoints Output to redesign its online presence

We’re delighted to announce that international publishing house, Bloomsbury, has selected Output to redesign its four e-commerce websites.
25th June 2018

A key objective of the project is to bring the different websites into a cohesive suite on a single platform, allowing for new sites to be launched with minimal effort and current ones to be managed more effectively. The Bloomsbury team are also keen for the new sites to support the business’s move towards being a more direct-to-consumer retailer.

The websites include:

About Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury is a leading independent publishing house established in 1986. It initially launched with quality, adult fiction titles – a tradition it has maintained. Following a large number of acquisitions, it now also runs a large academic division and publishes over 2,000 titles a year. It is best known as the publisher of Harry Potter.

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