Johanna Drewe shares her design stories at Glug Dublin

Our Associate Creative Director Johanna Drewe recently took to the stage at Glug Dublin’s Digital Delights event to spill the beans about her 16 years working across all things brand and design.
4th January 2019

With over 150 creatives, designers, makers, doers and visionaries in attendance, Jo shared some of her tricks of the trade when it comes to adapting digital systems and brands to help them thrive in today’s connected world, as well as the changing landscapes for digital design language.

Sharing her own work at Output, including BBC Three and Pottermore, she drew influence from the common theme of building coherence into each brand’s design system, regardless of the channel, device or platform they’re experienced on.

Other creatives, including Claire Dowling of Deloitte and Workgroup’s co-founder David Weir, shared their own stories of creating a digital-first design language for brands, and the importance of working collaboratively between agencies and clients to create work with lasting impact.

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