Ollie Bingham talks marketing in Design Week

Why has marketing got such a bad name in the agency world? That’s a question our marketing and business development manager, Ollie Bingham, has been asking himself for some time.
10th July 2019

In discussion with Design Week, Ollie hoped to disprove the idea that marketing is the “ugly sister” of the creative industry. Reflecting on his career path so far, as well as what convinced him to move away from consultancy, Ollie shared why he believes marketing is the most misunderstood and undervalued part of agencies.

Marketing is probably the most misunderstood part of the creative industries. It’s often seen as the ugly sister of design but it’s integral. You have to have a strong strategic view and maintain great relationships with everyone at a company rather than just one team.”

When asked how he spends his time, Ollie noted the importance of putting time aside for thinking. He believes it takes a blend of common and uncommon sense to do his job well – so having the presence of mind to pause and reflect before making decisions is vital.

Fundamentally, all I do is a combination of magic and logic — you have to have uncommon sense. It’s important to stop and just say, ‘let’s think about what we can do’.”

Ollie also shared how he works with designers and why creative writing and unusual narratives are key to successful pitches, as well as what he looks for in prospective marketing talent.

You can read the full interview in Design Week here.

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