Rethink what you know, to discover what you don’t

In a fast-paced world, you need help to identify which ideas will make the biggest difference. A fresh perspective can help your business navigate its next move – quickly.
Dan Moore
Dan Moore
Managing Director

We’ve seen how much of a challenge managing a brand can be. It’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day running, leaving no time to think about the world around you and the little things that could make a real impact.

We heard exactly those stories from our clients. They came to us looking for quick-win ideas that would make the biggest difference to their brands. To gain our perspective on their digital experiences, and how they could quickly evolve them.

Regardless of the specific challenge they were facing, they all had one thing in common: time was the enemy. It needed to be done right, but quickly. That’s why we developed an entirely new way of working: Rethink.

Regardless of the specific challenge they were facing, they all had one thing in common: time was the enemy. It needed to be done right, but quickly.”

We use Rethink projects to get under the skin of businesses and brands. Usually run over an intensive two-week period, our process brings people together to look at knotty problems in an entirely new way. It’s our way of providing a fresh, honest perspective on brands and their digital experiences without undergoing a full-scale project.

Here are some of the challenges Rethink has solved:

“I need a fresh perspective on my brand’s digital experience”

We hear you.

The acceleration of technology and ever-evolving customer needs mean digital experiences are constantly being questioned. Does it represent the brand we want to be? Can our UX help us tell more of a story? Are we doing enough to attract an emerging customer type? All essential questions to ask, but generating answers that are hard to stay on top of.

Wanting to reach a new generation of kids, the team at Beano Studios needed to develop a new digital proposition and supporting content strategy that could launch Beano online. We worked alongside their C-Suite, marketing and digital product teams to establish Beano’s bigger business, brand and marketing objectives – and define the role of the new digital proposition and content strategy in making them a reality.

The result was a newly defined proposition, supported by guardrails to help keep progress on-track. This would serve as a ‘north star’ to the Beano product team and give them freedom to develop new content ideas – all developed with the emerging audience set in mind.

We helped Beano Studios define a new digital proposition and content strategy
“I want to disrupt the market with something new”

We hear you.

Type ‘innovation’ into a Google search and it returns 1.24 billion results. All around us, brands have been turning to innovation provide customers with something and gain competitive advantage – from reimagining digital platforms to developing a new product or service to add value to their business. It takes imagination, creativity and effort to innovate. But scoping out new opportunities doesn’t need to cost the earth or take months to deliver tangible, pragmatic and actionable outputs. Rethink proves that.

Our innovation framework accelerates the development of creative ideas and uncovers new innovation opportunities, to help brands adapt and thrive.

For Regus, that meant completely reimagining how office space is bought, sold and consumed. Over an intensive two weeks of embedded working, our senior team got under the skin of the Regus business and their customers, to understand how the brand could innovate to deliver a best-in-class experience. The result was a working prototype of a new web platform that completely revitalised Regus’s presence online and helped to meet the evolving needs and demands of its customers. The new site was tested and launched across the Regus global portfolio over the next few months.

Our senior team helped Regus reimagine how office space is bought and used
“I’ve hit a roadblock on my latest project”

We’ve all been involved in projects where you can’t see the wood for the trees. Sometimes you’re just too close to see the obvious, or don’t have the time or know-how to turn a nugget of an idea into something real. It’s at these times that a rapid approach to problem-solving comes to the rescue.

When the snap general election was called in 2017, our studio became HQ for Rize Up – a party-neutral campaign aimed at getting young people to register and vote. Approached by the campaign’s founder when Rize Up was little more than an idea, we designed and executed the brand entirely on the fly. The campaign gained national media attention, established partnerships with leading retail brands and received endorsement from a countless number of high-profile celebrities – despite being developed in just 48 hours.

Our brand for Rize Up was developed in just 48 hours

At their core, Rethink projects are about working with the right people, asking the right questions and being able to quickly uncover the right opportunities for brands to adapt and thrive. They’re about imagining, not predicting, possibilities for brands to create future value – as well as exploring the most effective ways of delivering it. Agile, cost-effective and scalable, they provide brands with a fresh, honest perspective.

Above all, Rethink gets the job done. That’s why we use it for our own studio projects.

What challenges is your brand facing? Get in touch and see how Rethink can find the answers you need, to the questions you ask most.

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