Why your brand must adapt to thrive

The connected world has shifted behaviours and transformed expectations. As consumers, we’re faced with more choice, more powerful technology and more immersive experiences than ever before. In this world, the experience of your digital products is what defines your brand.
Rob Coke
Rob Coke
Founding Partner

Switched-on brands – those that understand the importance of embracing a digital mindset to succeed in today’s world – are disrupting their sectors and dancing to the rhythm of fast-changing demands. They’re not just responding to the future, they’re creating it – by continually pushing boundaries and challenging themselves to adapt to the unknown ahead of their competitors.

Airbnb put the idea of ‘belonging’ at the heart of every touchpoint. Netflix’s design and motion language showcases the content you love. Uber’s recent rebrand unifies its services with a modern, relevant visual system. And trillion-dollar giant Amazon completely re-framed expectations of service and delivery.

To disrupt their respective sectors, these four all understood one thing: the power of experience as a differentiator. They take people on a journey that conveys their brand values and personality at every touchpoint.

To disrupt their respective sectors, these four all understood one thing: the power of experience as a differentiator.”
An opportunity to connect

For us, that’s the reason the most effective brands thrive. It’s their brand-led user experiences, a digital-first mindset and an ability to seamlessly adapt over time that truly sets them apart.

To stay ahead, established brands must adapt to succeed in this fast-changing digital landscape. If they see UX as an opportunity to have more impact and create positive connections with customers, they too can be brave, bold and challenging.

At Output, we help well-known brands embrace this potential. Combining deep expertise in brand, digital and motion design, we translate business strategy into powerful, cross-platform experiences. We’ve helped the likes of BBC Sport, Auto Trader and Pottermore grow their businesses – all of whom are benefiting from a brand-led user experience.

Thriving across devices

For BBC Sport, that meant responding to an increasingly fragmented sector, in which broadcast is just one of many options for people to engage with content. The brand’s previous shiny, 3D broadcast graphics looked great on TV but didn’t translate well to apps, social or the responsive web. With an inconsistent visual language, the brand was incoherent and confusing.

Our solution was considered and understated. The logo is a signpost, like the number on the door as you go into the house, but the brand really communicates through coherent colour, typography and motion principles. The result is a flexible identity and intelligible user experience that’s already helping the brand thrive across its multiple devices, platforms and channels.

Matching bold ambitions

Auto Trader required a more fundamental shift. Having made technological advances to their digital product, the brand had struggled to keep up. It still had one foot in the print world, and its outdated design language was unable to deliver a confident, seamless digital experience.

Partnering closely with Auto Trader’s internal design and UX teams, we developed a versatile brand toolkit that translated a year’s worth of strategic thinking into a modern brand and user experience that matched the business’s bold ambitions.

Redefined from the ground up

For Pottermore, J.K. Rowling’s online universe for Harry Potter fans, our starting point was to redefine the brand from the ground up – what it could be, who it was for and the role it should play in joining up the other parts of the Harry Potter franchise.

Shifting from publisher to platform and niche audiences to a global fanbase meant articulating a clear personality through a user experience suitable for every kind magical journey. We didn’t just design a website, but a versatile design language and inspiring user experience that brought the entire brand to life.

Helping you join the dots

For us, design is a practice, not just a deliverable. We use it to solve problems, shift perceptions and drive growth. We’re drawn to working with brands that have a digital mindset but aren’t sure how to apply it. That know what they want but don’t know how to join up the dots. And that have the desire to invest in brand-led user experiences but need help to make them happen.

So, don’t be the hotel cleaned out by Airbnb, the video store left gathering dust as Netflix streams ahead, the disgruntled taxi firm in Uber’s rear-view mirror or the high street retailer boxed in by Amazon.

What are the key factors causing disruption in your sector, and how can a new approach help your business to adapt and thrive? Together, we’ll discover where your brand should go next and design the tools to take it there.

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