Shaping a next-generation platform for kids


The Beano is a British icon. But to launch a powerful online presence, the team at Beano Studios needed to develop a new digital proposition and content strategy. We supported them with this strategic step, aligning their thinking with progressive ideas to set them up for launch.
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  • Experience strategy
The need to adapt
With a generation of digitally native kids demanding non-stop entertainment, Beano were keen to launch an online presence to put the brand top-of-mind for fun-seekers. Our challenge was to support their development by defining a new digital proposition and content strategy, helping Beano adapt to the digital landscape and build strong, lasting connections with its audience.
The digital world isn’t made for 6 to 12-year-olds. Why aren’t there more places made for them, with content they love and environments that are safe?”
Iain Sawbridge
Chief Marketing & Content Officer, Beano Studios
Uncovering insight
The Beano team had already undertaken plenty of work, so our first priority was to get up to speed and uncover the main challenges facing the product. Through working sessions and interviews, we found several discovery points to dig into – from representing the character world across the offer, to embedding a publishing strategy within more programmatic content.
Uncovering insight
Facilitating the thinking
Working directly with the C-suite team at Beano Studios, our role was part-facilitator, part-researcher and part-articulator. This helped us extract, absorb and reflect on the best thinking from the team, before sharpening, refining and documenting what was needed to move the project into production.
Facilitating the thinking
A new proposition
The result was a newly defined proposition that would serve as a ‘north star’ to the Beano product team. Supported by guardrails to keep future progress on track, the proposition gave the team enough freedom and flexibility to develop new content ideas. And a new content map provided an overall summary and guide for future content ideas.
A new proposition
Beano website by Beano Studios
Helping Beano thrive
Through fast, flexible and consultative working we delivered practical strategic guidance that accelerated the product launch.
Two million kids use the site, which is the number who read the comic itself back in the 1950s.”
Mike Stirling
Editorial Director, Beano
rise in traffic to from 2017 to 2018