Brand as user interface for a fintech scale-up


Equals uses smart technology to help people move money in real time. By weaving a new brand through every aspect of its digital presence we created a unified, customer-first experience that will make it ‘The Finance Director in your pocket.’ Visit Equals
  • Design system
  • Digital design
  • Motion design
The need to adapt
Equals began life managing holiday money as FairFX in 2007. After expanding into nine complimentary financial products, the time was right to clarify and reposition the offer. The solution is Equals. A single brand that uses smart technology to help people and businesses move money and make better financial decisions. Keen to work with specialist partners alongside in-house design & UX capabilities, Equals asked us to devise a universal digital design language that would bring the new brand to life through distinctive signatures, creating a consistent experience across its digital products.
We place an emphasis on understanding product as we feel that expressing the brand through digital products and interfaces is often a missing element in brand identity projects.”
Equals design brief
Collaboration + iteration

We worked iteratively with Why Projects and the Equals team to develop the brand. While they were creating the traditional identity – its proposition, name and offline communications – we explored how to express it across digital platforms. With parallel workstreams, we had to be both proactive and reactive in our approach. To stay aligned, we hosted weekly showcases where each team shared work and planned the next steps.

The offline brand created by Why Projects
An impactful character
To inform features, interactions and visual style, we explored the brand’s bold, no-nonsense and human character. The traits enabled us to think broadly about how the Equals brand would live across its digital products early in the project, while the offline brand was being created.

Designed to dial up and down depending on the ‘volume’ of brand or type of interaction required, this work delivered both functional user needs and more engaging, storytelling moments throughout the Equals experience.

Brand as user interface

With a range of digital products for different users, the design language had to flex to every format and function. To ensure a coherent experience across devices, we tested and developed the universal components and styles that weave the Equals brand through its desktop sites and web, mobile and native apps.

Building a UI toolkit

Having established where and how the brand lives, we developed a toolkit of user interface components. Building out from the core identity, and led by our character exploration, the toolkit includes technical components like cards, tiles, tables and forms alongside icons, motion principles and illustrations to guide user journeys.

Motion principles breathe life into the product

To build visual harmony, iconography is based on the expressive curves and fluid shapes of Equals’ custom sans-serif typeface. The universal motion principles set the tone for user interactions across all platforms.

Bringing ingenuity to life

Equals believes in the power of ingenuity to move the world forward, and its purpose is to help everyone get more out of life. The digital design system brings these ideas to life, while communicating the seamless simplicity that Equals offers its customers. Our work will ensure the brand stays true to itself by breathing ingenuity and a distinctive character into every possible design element.

Helping Equals thrive
Other agencies say they can bring the brand into the product – Output actually does it.”
Ben Wynn
Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Equals
The nation’s most recommended credit cards and payment services provider.”
YouGov, February 2020
Trustpilot rating ‘Excellent’
(from 10,000 reviews).