Audio identity through music curation


Playlister is a team of obsessive music collectors and expert selectors creating audio identities for the world’s best hospitality and fashion brands. The visual identity we designed sits more comfortably in this world, while reflecting the layered, textural and hand-picked nature of the service. Visit Playlister
  • Brand identity
  • Art direction
  • Social content
The need to adapt
Playlister has an enviable client list, featuring brands like Chateau Marmont, Grupo Mambo and The Standard Hotel Group. Through in-depth consultation and painstaking research, the team creates a bespoke library of fully licensed music that is unique to each client. But this distinctly human, hand-crafted approach wasn’t reflected in an identity which felt more aligned to a tech platform than a team of specialist tastemakers. It was time to stand apart from the algorithm-dominated sector.
Fashion is about emotion, and their music plays such an important part in portraying my vision.”
Roksanda Ilincic
Elegant orchestration

Sound is an integral part of any experience. It sets the tone, adds texture, and has the power to connect or transport us. We created an elegant brand toolkit for Playlister, clarifying the previous logo mark and adding an understated colour palette and typography system to complement the company the brand keeps.

Meet the playbar

Whether behind the decks or in the background, Playlister provide a layered experience that considers the time of day, then adapts and evolves each month. The playbar device reflects this continuous approach, anchoring images and typography, or breaking free to float gracefully through the frame.

Craft in application

When combined with a set of custom patterns and textures, the Playlister identity can adapt to communicate several moods or styles across the website, proposal documents and social content. This allows each execution to feel unique, while being held together by a consistent brand framework.

Keep rolling

The system is designed to be rolled out by the Playlister team, with a simple set of guidelines and templates providing a balance between consistency and flexibility. The craft and attention that goes into each Playlister project is finally represented in the company’s identity.

Helping Playlister thrive
Working with Output was a positive journey. We learned to think deeper about Playlister and what it means to us. It was a pleasure working with their team of creative individuals who obviously love what they do. We’re really happy with the results.”
Dan Lywood
Founder / Director, Playlister